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We are so happy you have chosen Oasis Dentistry. We strive to deliver the best dental care available anywhere for people of all ages. You will always find a warm, caring environment here where we focus on your needs through a comfortable experience.

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Exceptionally high standards of dentistry

"Oasis Dentistry is incredible. I’ve hated going to the dentist my whole life, but that ended when I started coming here. The office is really welcoming, especially Josh the hygienist & the administrative staff. I also really value the way their whole team prioritizes clarity - from the treatment itself to how I can expect to be billed, I always feel like I know what’s going on."

"Oasis Dentistry is the best dentist's office I have been to for a long time. Every person in the office treats you like family, and they are so kind and upbeat. The dental care is outstanding and educational. You'll leave feeling better than when you entered, which is a difficult feat for a dentist office.."

"Shout out to Josh for being such a thorough cleaner. I go to see him every six months for my cleaning cuz he is numero uno. My dentist is also funny. The office is clean and friendly Overall very good dentist office you should come here trust me bro ;-)"

"Hands down, best experience at a dentist in my life. The staff is amazingly friendly, Josh my hygienist was super personable and made me feel a lot better about not having been to the dentist in 3 years. Dr. Rhodes is awesome, and really the whole front desk staff are great. I’m gonna make my husband switch over to Oasis, because it’s really a special, welcoming place."

"Oasis Dentistry makes me smile! The staff do everything they can to make patients feel comfortable, physically and emotionally. They do a great job of making procedures as painless as possible. Dr. Le and all the dental hygienists explain steps to procedures, sensations and noises to expect, tools that will be used, purpose of treatment, etc. Everyone at Oasis is friendly, caring, and gentle, making the experience as pleasant as possible. They remember little details about their patients and make genuine connections. They follow up after appointments, work really well with insurance, and encourage and schedule follow up visits to maintain dental health. Thank you to everyone at Oasis Dentistry for taking great care of me!"

"I had a tooth that cracked and lost its bonding. Split in half. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Rhoades. He was on leave so I took a chance with Dr. Le. I approached this appointment with trepidation having bad experiences in the past. Dr. Le was amazing. Confident with his tools and attention to detail. He layers the bonding so that the color is more natural and real. This takes additional labor. Other dentists just lay a blob of bonding on and call it a day. Plus, he uses some type of skinny metal thing that helps to create the shape. He has a lot of attention to detail. This dentist is very very good. Best dentist I have had. He takes pride in his work and is very skilled."

"The best dentist office I have ever been! Friendly, caring staff and a wonderful Dentist: Dr. Le. He is the best Dentist I ever had. Anesthesia feels almost like nothing. He works in your mouth and whatever you need will be done to perfection. You will not find another Dentist like him. He is the best!! And I am so grateful to have found him. Thank you Dr. Le for everything you."

"I had a broken tooth that was very painful. Stacie, my hygienist, found it. (By the way the best hygienist ever!) Dr. Le told me I need a crown. I have always been afraid of major dental work but Dr. Le reassured me that he would listen to me and take care of it. The day came to have the old tooth grounded down. I arrived totally stressed out. But Dr. Le and his assistant Lupe did an outstanding job! I relaxed and they worked with me and it was done! They are a great team and if there is anyone out there that has the same phobias that I do, this is the place to go. Thank you to all of the staff there for taking care of me! BTW Sue is the best!!"

"Need a dentist, look no further. Dr Rhoades and Dr Li along with their assistants Lisa and Maria are awesome. Stacie is the best hygienist ever and the front office manager, Sue is extremely friendly. Everyone makes you feel like family. They're the Gold Standard of dental care."

"The staff here are amazing and treat their patients like we are direct family members!!! First dentist in my life I've LOVED!!! Highly recommended! Thank you al for everything you've done for me"

"Oasis is friendly and fun- I've been going here for years- Dr Rhoads and Dr Jen are great. TVs in the ceiling so I can be entertained while they work and I've never had trouble getting appointments."

"Best customer service I have ever received...The place is a beautiful beach oasis setting, all the staff are amazingly friendly, and there are TV's in front of you and on the ceiling! My dentist calls me personally to follow the same day!"

"I read a negative review that focused on the receptionist Sue and couldn't believe it. I work at a school and the first person everyone sees when they come to visit teachers and although the Principal and teachers are who they come to see, it's the secretary who is the most important contact. First impressions are important and they provide this. Sue is in this position at Oasis dentistry. I go about every 6 months for cleaning and Sue knows me, remembers my work and talking with her is like talking to family, there is a genuine warmth. Sue must have an amazing memory to recall all the things going on in people's lives. Not only Sue is great but the dentists are great and the technicians do a wonderful job. I feel as if they care about my health and it's a very warm environment. If you have never been, you can watch television above your head with headphones and the whole experience is top-notch. I can't begin in this small space to rate this office high enough, and I think if you check them out, you will agree."

"I have been going here for over one year and love the care I receive. (My previous dentist was abysmal to put it nicely. I received a bad filling that prevented me from chewing on one side of my mouth for about 1-2years. They couldn't fix it. ) Oasis Dentistry did! Eventually this poor filling chipped at year 2 and Oasis refilled it and my mouth has felt amazingly normal ever since. I can now chew on both sides of my mouth. I have regular check ups, and my dental hygienist is great. I would recommend this place to anyone needing an exceptional dental team. I trust them with my teeth!"

"Love, love, love. Dr. Rhoades and his staff took great care of me and my teeth! I am military and we just moved here recently, and finding a new dentist is always a daunting task. I checked reviews, and then made my appointment. I will never look for another dentist while in San Diego. Televisions are everywhere, so if you do not like the sound of dental tools going you can put on headphones and sit back. Oasis Dentistry has very friendly staff, from the front to the hygienist, and also very comfortable and appealing atmosphere. The real gem is Dr. Rhoades. He is very personable and professional. Always looking to make sure you are comfortable and discuss with you anything you have questions or concerns about. He takes extra time if you need it, and you do not feel rushed. I highly recommend this office and location! When you visit, make sure you walk inside of the center, shopping center I call it, because several other businesses exist here."


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